Some images can't be uploaded from the builder form. How can I edit them?

In our builder, for some structural constraints, some elements can only be completely edited through code. An example are the images with hover effects that are present in the Portfolio and in the Team section.

In these cases you can edit images in the following ways:

1. by replacing or uploading the images directly in the Builder/elements/images folder.

By doing so you can use the builder already with the final images. If you don't choose to keep the default names of the images, you can use the "source" button (in Elements mode) to change the name using html code.

Note. Remember that, in the portfolio section, the images to be uploaded should be two. An image for Preview (with recommended size of 360x240 - portfolio-sm.jpg) and an image to display in the lightbox (with recommended size of 1024x683 - portfolio-xl.jpg).

2. by replacing or uploading the images in the folder images/ of the exported file from the builder.

If you find any difficulty to modify this type of sections, just contact us by opening a ticket to our support center: https://themedept.ticksy.com/ and we'll guide you step by step through this process.