How can I change the background video into the builder?

In Getleads for video background we used a specific js plugin - Vide.js. This plugin requires use of video in several formats like '.webm', '.ogv' and '.mp4' for cross browser compatibility. It also requires a poster ( a screenshot of the video) with .jpg, .png or .gif extension.

├── to/
│   ├── video.mp4
│   ├── video.ogv
│   ├── video.webm
│   └── video.jpg

For this reason it's not possible to use the "upload form" of the builder as we do with images. To optimize performance we have disabled the video in the builder canvas, but in the preview and in the exported files the video works properly.

You can edit the video in the following ways:

1 - by replacing the files directly in the folder of the builder ( Builder/elements/images/video/ ). it is important that the name remains unchanged. this way you can use the builder with your desired video already set.

2 - by replacing the files into the folder images/video of the exported file from the builder.

3 - by changing the path in js/custom.js(line n.121) of the exported file from the builder.

$('.video-play').vide("images/video/video", {
    posterType: "jpg" 

note. if you want to turn off the alert pop-up that produces the background video section in the builder canvas, just follow these simple steps:

- open with a html text editor Builder/elements/hero1-2.html and Builder/elements/video1-1.html
- delete the script code at the end of the files:

   if (window.frameElement) {
     alert("Video Background in Builder Canvas is disabled to optimize performance. in Preview mode and in the Exported Files it works properly.\nTo edit the video, please follow the documentation in Elements>Video Background. Thanks")

- save your changes.